Athena Bioventures, Inc.

Athena Bioventures, Inc., is a Philippine research and development company engaged in marine scientific discovery. Athena undertakes development of technologies for mariculture of high value marine food organisms (eels, abalone, lobsters), seafood processing and marine engineering. Athena maintains a fully equipped seaside research facility, staffed by marine biologists and taxonomists, on the southern tip of Panay Island in the central Philippines. The Panay location allows Athena close proximity to a pristine marine environment and unique coral reef systems crucial to its research.

Athena provides contract research services for Poseidon’s technical and consultancy operations, primarily in ecotoxicology testing and biofouling research. The company maintains a large collection of marine fishes and invertebrates at its hatchery facilities to support its ecotoxicity testing. Also, the company is developing methods to select key indicator species from larvae caught in the wild. These species are used in toxicity evaluation to better estimate the environmental impact of chemical pollution in the marine environment. In support of Poseidon’s goal of developing nontoxic alternatives to the use of organotins in marine paints, Athena maintains exposure platforms in a local bay to test/measure the performance of various coatings on marine structures.

Mariculture: The cultivation of marine organisms in their natural habitats, usually for commercial purposes. (from

Ecotoxicology: The scientific study of the harmful effects caused by manmade chemicals to the natural environment, especially effects on populations, communities and ecosystems. An essential part of ecotoxicology is the study of the movement of potentially toxic substances through food webs and through the water cycle. (from