First Announcement

Evaluating Coatings Performance in a Natural Fouling Environment: a Workshop for Coatings Chemists and R&D Managers

About the Workshop

For most coatings chemists, there is often incomplete understanding the biological processes occurring in biofouling and the practical knowledge on the best manner to test new coatings in marine and freshwater environments. While coatings chemists may develop wide range potential chemistries to address various biofouling issues, knowing the challenges that test surfaces may encounter under different conditions and geographical locations is often not part of their discipline.

Sacred Heart Marine Research Centre (SHMRC) and Poseidon Sciences will hold the workshop entitled ‘Evaluating Coatings Performance in Natural Biofouling Environment: A Workshop for Coatings Chemists and R&D Managers.’ To learn more about SHMRC, please click HERE.

This Workshop shall enable coatings chemists to:

• have a hands on experience on how panel tests are conducted
• how barnacles and other foulers may damage coatings
• how long it takes for fouling to occur and why certain types of coatings fail
• what constitutes an acceptable antifouling performance for different types of systems
• what erosion issues confront the finished coating and how it can be evaluated conveniently

Since the Workshop will be held at SHMRC’s marine laboratory and field station, the participant can actually see and feel the fouling at its field laboratories and learn about laboratory tests, such as cyprid assays and other ecotoxicology tests.

The Workshop shall emphasize field experiences in an environment that fosters productive interactions between participants. Companies with novel ideas on new products are welcome to present as a poster or a short oral presentation. The Workshop is intended to foster communication between participants and interactions that permit discussions on collaborations and strategic alliances.

Where and When:

The Workshop will be held at DSF Grand Hotel, at SHMRC Research Laboratory and at SHMRC Beach Laboratory from November 28- December 1, 2012 in the port city of Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu, India). Tuticorin harbor is the second largest port in India and home of SHMRC. Tuticorin is a city with 70% of its inhabitants belonging to various Christian sects. Tuticorin is colorful during the cooler months before Christmas.

If you are interested in attending or learning more about the conference, please send an email to Jonathan R. Matias at this address: or

Please use SHMRC 2012 as subject heading.

Further details will be made available as we get closer to the Workshop date. We look forward to welcoming you to Tuticorin.